PCLeads Home Page - Computer Leads and Cables

PC Leads identify and buy the correct Computer cables and connectors for PCs consoles and other devices.

We also aim to collect images and diagrams of older cables and connectors of consoles and forgotten systems including Commodore, Amiga, Macintosh, Spectrum, Atari and many others.
You never know when repairing a lead or identifying one will be needed!

Save Money By Buying Online

Buying PC Leads and cables online makes perfect sense. The high street stores make a lot of mark-up on cables and connectors. Why not use the online stores instead who pass on the benefit of lower overheads by supplying items at realistic and more affordable prices.

Amazon Everyone knows about Amazon they supply popular leads only including network and USB cables. They also supply other small PC consumables.

Dabs Always supplying leads at very low prices and have some of the lowest delivery charges I have seen.

Maplin The radio shack of Great Britain, this retailer supplies from component level through to full scale PC products. Their prices including postage are very competitive.